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"As you are probably aware, we meet in person at DEFC Deforest WI, on Sunday morning 9:25 AM.
What a glorious time it is, full of praise and rejoicing as we worshipped together.
The week's message is audio recorded and is available on the web site by clicking this link" DEFC Deforest WI

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Eternal Life!
Question: Have you come to know that when you die, you have 100% assurance of eternal life in heaven?

You can know, through His provision guarantees it (I John 5:13, John 3:16, Romans 5:21, I Peter 1:3-5).
You may ask, what is His provision? Before answering this let's ask another question.

Question: If you were to die today, and stand before God and He would ask you, why should He let you into heaven? What would you say to Him?

"Salvation Explained"