Chapter 14a - Dispensation of Conscience Genesis 3-8:22

The rules for the Dispensation of Conscience has been called the Adamic Covenant by theologians for years but no place in scripture are the rules called a covenant. The dispensation covers from the expulsion and the taking care of the earth after the punitive judgment, (the curse), Romans 8:18-25.

The Administration rules: Genesis 3:14-19

The scripture which covers this dispensation's events are recorded in Scripture in, Genesis 3:6-7:24, and referred to in Romans 5, 2 Corinthians 11:3.

New Beginning: After the expulsion.

Setting: Man no longer in one area but moved over the face of the earth, Genesis 3:23,24; Genesis 6:1.

Dealings: The whole human race,[ key charters: Adam, Eve, Able, Cain and his decedents, Seth and his decedents, Enoch, Methuselah, Noah and his family.

Failure: Man's failure Genesis 6:1-5,11,12. The program failure was evil permeated the society to the point that only one family stayed faithful to God and righteousness

Judgment: Genesis 6:12,17; Flood chapter 7

Transition: Many years passed in the transition, Genesis 6-7 from the failure to the pronouncement of the judgment and the carrying out of the judgment by the flood, (total to flood about 1656 years) and Noah walks out of the Ark.

Dispensation of Conscience

The dispensation is called Conscience because man's guilt becomes alive. He shows guilt when Adam and Eve hides themselves from God after they sinned, Genesis 3:8. They became ashamed of their nakedness, Genesis 3:7,10. Their knowledge now is capable of both good and evil, Genesis 3:22.

There are changes which accrue between dispensations. Certain rules stay the same, while others will change because of God's desire to provide a way to show His mercy to man. The rule to understanding of God's specific administration and it's changes is if a rule has not specifically been addressed and changed then they probably stay the same for that next dispensation.

The Administration rules:  The Adamic Covenant: Genesis 3:14-19

I. Angels; (The following are only fallen Angels, there are also the ones that did not fall and they maintain their original attributes.)

    A. Fallen Angels: There is no hope of salvation for fallen spirit beings, Matthew 25:41; 2 Peter. 2:4; Jude 6. Jesus Christ is said to have died to redeem the human race not angels, Hebrews 2:16-18.

l. Satan, Serpent, Lucifer, Dragon,  Revelation 12:9,
2. Loose ones,  Mark. 5:9,15; I Timothy. 4:1  ( Angels & Demons ),
3. Bound ones,  II Peter 2:4; Jude 6.
4. 1/3 of the Angels are believed to have fallen with Satan, Revelation 12:1-9.
5. Demons:

a. They are Satan's emissaries, Matthew 12:22-30,
b. They are Spirit beings, Matthew 8:16; Luke 10:17,20,
c. There are multitudes, Mark. 5:9,
d. They are unclean spirits, Matthew. 10:1; 12:43,
e. They can enter unbelievers and control them, Mark. 5:8,11-13,
f. They can oppress believers, Eph. 6:10-12,
g. They afflict men with sicknesses both physically and mentally, Matthew 12:22; Mark 5:4-5.
h. Disposed for eternity in lake of fire with Satan, Revelation 20:10; Matthew 25:41.

    B. Satan's Fall:

l. Heart lifted up with pride, Ezekiel 28:17,
2. Heart full of wrong ambition, Ezekiel 28:16,18,
3. Lied to Eve and tempted her to disobey, Genesis 3; Ezekiel 28:13.

        a. Satan's Judgment:

1. Degraded in moral character, Ezekiel 28:16,
2. Deposed from on high, Ezekiel 28:16,
3. Declared to be judged at the Garden, Genesis 3:14-15 , and by Jesus Christ at the cross, John 16:11.
4. Defeated at the Cross, I Corinthians 2:6-8,
5. Destroyed at the Cross, Hebrews 2:14,
6. Disposed for eternity in lake of fire, Revelation 20:10; Matthew 25:41.

        b Satan's Work Today:

 l. Instigates sin, Genesis 3:1-6; I Peter 5:8,
2. Affliction and suffering caused, Acts 10:38; Luke 13:16,
3. Causes death, Acts 5:3 cf. v 5; Hebrews. 2:14; Job 1:2-19; 2:6,
4. He Captures men, I Timothy 3:7; 2 Timothy 2:26,
5. All the meanings of the names given to Satan are his traits practiced in the world.

        c. Names of Satan used in Scripture:

1. Satan, Revelation 12:9; I Timothy 1:20, ( KJV Adversary ),
2. Lucifer, Isaiah 14:12, ( light bearer ),
3. Devil, Revelation 20:7,10, ( Lyre ),
4. Ancient Serpent, Revelation 12:9,
5. Prince ( or ruler ), the power ( or kingdom ) of the air, Ephesians 2:2, ( Leader of Evil Angels),
6. Prince of the World, John 14:30; 12:31, ( influence of Satan over government and world affairs),
7. The god of this age, II Corinthians 4:4, ( False worship and religion ),
8. Dragon, Revelation 12:9,
9. King of Tyre, Ezekiel 28:1,
10. Morning Star, Isaiah 14:12,
11. Beelzebub, Matthew 10:25, ( Prince of devils ),
12. Belial, II Corinthians 6:15, ( worthless ),
13. Angel of Light, 2 Corinthians 11:14,
14. Tempter, Matthew 4:3; I Thessalonians 3:5, ( Desire to incite man to sin),
15. Accuser, Revelation 12:10; Job 1:6-12, ( slanderer ),
16. Leviathan, Job 41:1-11; Isaiah 27:1.

    C. Angels that did not fall from their created state they maintain their original attributes and were given additional responsibility because of man's sin:

1. Work in the affairs of nations, Daniel 10:10-14; 20,21.
2. Work and guard over believers, Psalms 91:11.
3. Defend and deliver God's servants, 2 Kings 6:17.
4. Will accompany Christ at His return, Matthew 25:31; I Thessalonians 4:16.
5. Involved in separating the righteous & unrighteous, Matthew 13:49.
6. Aid in the punishment of the wicked, 2 Thessalonians 1:7-8.
7. Aid in God's wrath on earth, Revelation 15 .
8. They are involved with the transportation and entry into eternity, Luke 16:22.

II. Animals:

1. Were part of the fall through the serpent.
2. The serpent carried the maximum judgment of all the animals, Genesis 3:14.
3. Animals now carry the curses in the same way as man, Romans 8:18-22.
4. They will not be delivered before man experiences deliverance.

III. Man:

Dispensational rules Spelled out in Genesis 3:14-19 expulsion and to taking care of a cursed earth, Romans 8:18-25.

Pronouncement to man in the garden and carried out historically in the expulsion, Genesis 3:22-24.

1. Man now new both good and evil, Genesis 3:7,8.
2. There would be a battle between Satin and man and in the end man's seed who is Jesus Christ would win over Satin, Genesis 3:15.
3. Women would experience sorrow in both child bearing and conception.
4. The relationship with her husband would have conflict in leadership and desire, Genesis 3:16.
5. Man because he was not deceived followed his wife in disobedience and eat of the tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil he would experience sorrow in his labor, Genesis 3:17-19, 2 Corinthians 11:3, 1 Timothy 2:14.
6. Mankind would die and return to the dust, Genesis 3:19, Romans 5:12,17, I Corinthians 15:21.
7. Animal sacrifice was to be required for sin until Jesus Christ finished the work on the cross and the resurrection. God's gracious act was shown to Adam and Eve by covering their nakedness with the animal coats. This symbolic act of the blood shed and the body given portrays being in Christ today through Christ shedding his blood and the giving of His body, Genesis 3:21, Hebrews. 9:22; 10:4,5,10-12.
8. Man was required to offer the blood sacrifice individually for himself, Genesis 4:3-7.
9. Capitol punishment was not permitted, God was the judge and He handed out the judgment for capitol punishment sins, Genesis 4:11-15,23,24.

IV. World:

The consequence of Adam and Eve's sin fell on the whole earth and had lasting influence, 1 Corinthians 15:21, Romans. 5:12.

Changes: Changes which accrued from the dispensation of Innocence:

1. Now man had sin and needed to offer a blood sacrifice to be obedient. Men were to be clothed to cover their shame.
2. Able was a keeper of sheep for an offering and clothing.
3. Now man had to weigh his actions. Is the action either good or evil. If their actions were bad how does that effect my relationship with God and my fellow man.
4. Man was no longer innocent and could not be on his own. Total depravity now came into existence for mankind. He could not face each day as if they were innocent. All sin now could be performed, evil is a part of man's nature. The correction of man's sin is not a question of genies and gene manipulation but a blood sacrifice as payment for the penalty required by God.
5. Man could not act as if they were living in the protective environment of the Garden of Eden, but now in a world of sweet, tears and death.
6. Now there would be conflict. Conflict in submission between man and woman. There would be stress, conflict, and murder in the human race.
7. Death came into existence both animals and men.

A. Transition at the end of the Dispensation of Conscience many years passed from the failure in the Dispensation of Conscience to, Genesis 6-7 the punitive judgment of the world wide flood, (total to flood was about 1656 years) and the next dispensation, the Dispensation of Human Government.

The failure of the Dispensation of Conscience happened over 400 years before the food. The coming out of the ark starts the next dispensation in it historical setting, Genesis 8:14.

Genesis 5:3, 130yr. Adam' age at birth of child - 3 And Adam lived one hundred and thirty years, and begot a son in his own likeness, after his image, and named him Seth.

             5:6, 105 yrs. Seth - 6 Seth lived one hundred and five years, and begot Enosh.

             5:9, 90 yrs. Enosh (NIV), Enos (KJV) - 9 Enosh lived ninety years, and begot Cainan.

             5:12, 70yrs. Kenan (NIV), Cainan (KJV) - 12 Cainan lived seventy years, and begot Mahalalel.

             5:15, 65 yrs. Mahalalel (NIV), or Mahalaleel (KJV) - 15 Mahalalel lived sixty-five years, and begot Jared.

             5:18, 162 yrs. Jared - 18 Jared lived one hundred and sixty-two years, and begot Enoch.

             5:21, 65 yrs. Enoch - 21 Enoch lived sixty-five years, and begot Methuselah.

             5:25, 187 yrs. Methuselah - 25 Methuselah lived one hundred and eighty-seven years, and begot Lamech.

             5:28-29, 182 yrs. Lamech - 28 Lamech lived one hundred and eighty-two years, and had a son. 29 And he called his name Noah, saying, “This one will comfort us concerning our work and the toil of our hands, because of the ground which the Lord has cursed.”

             5:32, 500 yrs. old Noah was when Shem was born - 32 And Noah was five hundred years old, and Noah begot Shem, Ham, and Japheth.

             7:6,11, 600 yrs Noah age when flood was on the earth

1 yr Flood = 1656 yrs. since creation flood years record from birth of Noah not Shem to get number of years from creation to flood.

B. b Bible chapters and verses which cover this dispensation: Genesis 3 - 8:14. Genesis 4 the new Dispensation is in full operation in it's historical setting. (The sin began in the Garden and the explanation ended the previous dispensation.)

From the time of God's call to Noah to build the Ark his age was at least 500 years old, and by the time the flood came he was six hundred years old. Flood.



2. The Dispensation of Conscience - unique rules which Govern the Dispensation

A. Not found before in a dispensation

Genesis 3:14-24

1. It would craw on the ground eating dust as it went all the days of its life because it was responsible for letting Satan work through him.
2. Enmity between the serpent and women and children from women
3. From the women’s man child would be born and conflict between them (Satan and humanity), would exist and her child would be victorious.”

1. There would be pain in childbearing with painful in the labor giving birth to children.
2. Women’s desire will be for your husband, and he will rule over you, subordinate role in leadership. A conflict of leadership will exist and a stress in the subordination role.

1. Because Adam listened to the women and ate fruit from the tree, the ground was cursed.
2. Painful toil man would experience for food to eat all the days of his life.
3. There would be negative objects which man will have to contend with because his labor would experience thorns and thistles.
4. The dietary food would exist of the plants of the field, (animals were not to be eaten until latter dispensations).
5. These negative rule would produce sweat of effort of exhaustion all through a man’s life.
6. Humanity would die and return to the dust of the earth physically. Separation from the body and earth humanity would experience since from it he was taken. The body was taken from the dust the spirit of humans or life came from being created in the image of God which is eternal.
7. Adam gave the women the name Eve, because she would become the mother of all the living.

1. Because of the eternal likeness of God and being corrupted God had to restrict them from the tree of life and eat, and living forever without the finished word of creation which He planned.
2. So the LORD God banished him from the Garden of Eden to work the ground from which he had been taken.


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