II. THEOLOGY - Doctrine of God or Teaching of God

There is only one God, Who exists in three Persons.

  1. One God, Isa. 43:10, 11  "Before me no god was formed nor will there be one after me. I even I, am the Lord and apart from me there is no savior." Isa. 44:6,8; 45:5; 46:9; 48:12-13; I Tim. 2:5; Gen. 1:1.

  2. The Father is identified as God, Gal 1:1; Jn. 6:27; Rom 1:7; Eph. 1:17, 4:6.

  3. The Son, Jesus is identified as God, John 1:1,14, Heb. 1:8, Titus 2:13, Rom. 9:5, Matt. 4:6-7, Rev.1:8 cf. 22:12-16, I Jn. 5:20, Phil. 2:5-11.

  4. The Holy Spirit, is identified as God, Acts 5:3,4; 2 Cor. 3:17,18; Acts 13:2 cf. 4; Gal. 5:13-24.

  5. The three are treated with equality and oneness, Matt. 28:19; Rom. 8:13-17; John 15:26, 27; Gen. 1:26.

The attributes of God can be moral or natural. The natural attributes pertain to His existence as a infinite, rational spirit. The moral attributes relate to God as a righteous Spirit.

There are attributes personally ascribed to God (I Jn. 5:20):

The attributes of God are intrinsic in His nature. They are inseparable and constitute the basis for His dealing with creation. God is:

  1. Omnipresent
    (Present everywhere)  Ps.139:7-10; Jer. 23:23,24.

  2. Omniscient
    (All knowing)       Rom.11:3-6; I Jn. 3:20; Acts 15:18; Heb. 4:13; Lk.5:4-11; Jn. 1:45-51.

  3. Omnipotent
    (All powerful)     Mat.19:26; Job 42:2; Ps. 66:7.

  4. Immutable
    (Non-Changing) Mal. 3:6;
    Heb 6:17, 18.

  5. Holy                     Isa. 6; Rev. 6:10; Jn. 17:11; Mk. 1:24; I Thess. 1:6.

  6. Righteous           Rom.3:21; Ps. 129:4; Jn. 17:25; Ac. 3:14; 7:52.

  7. Good                   Ps. 103:8; Matt. 19:17; Jn.10:18.

  8. Love                    I Jn. 3:1:4:8.

  9. Gracious             Eph. 2:8,9.

  10. Merciful              Ps. 130:8; Lk. 6:36; Jer. 3:12.

  11. Truth                  I Jn. 5:20; Jn. 14:6.

God has made decrees in keeping with His character. There are two kinds, perfect (Eph. 1:11) and permissive (I Cor. 10:13; 1 John 2:1-3). God did decree permission for evil to be done but God did not decree evil.

God is the Creator He created the world out of nothingAll three Persons of the Godhead were involved (Gen. 1:1-2; Col. 1:15).  He planned it in eternity past and when He created, it was immediate as recorded in Gen. 1 and 2 (Ps. 33:6,9; Heb. 11:3; Gen. 2:7.).  He created material and immaterial things (Ps. 19:1; John 1:3; Col. 1:15-17; Heb. 1:2,10).

The Providence of God. "Providence is that continuous agency of God by which He makes all events of the physical and moral universe fulfill the original design with which He created it." A. Strong)  God is the Author of all things (I Cor.8:6) and has the sovereign right and power to rule all things after the desire of His own will, (Is. 55:10-11; Ps. 115:3; Dan. 4:35; Job 23:13; I Chr. 29:11-12).  All things work to glorify and honor Him and all His creation are to seek God's plan for existence. (Prov. 16:4; Is. 43:7; Eph. 1:12).  Therefore, God determines events (Acts 12:5-19; 17:24-31),  He permits certain events (Rom. 1:24,28),  Certain events are prevented (Gen.20:6), and God directs in His works (Gen. 50:20; Rom.8:28).

Illustration of the Godhead or trinity of the one God in three persons Father, Son and Holy Spirit:

Time - time is one and made up of three unique parts which are all the one time. There is past, present and future and each one of itself is not the other and would not exist without the other. Without all three time would not exist, take away past and time ceases to exist, it is not present time or future, this is the same for present or future.

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