Demon Possession/Oppression

Demon Possession/oppression of believers of God and possession of Non-believes and deliverance.

Demon Oppression of Believers

Prayer of faith and hearing

To start with if you have Jesus Christ living inside of you by your personal invitation of Him into your life you cannot be demon possessed but you can be demon oppressed brought on by a believer's rebellion, or they are battling with the enemy because God has given you a responsibility which Satan hates or by proximity of a channel for demon oppression.

When Jesus Christ lives in you, Satan and his demons cannot dwell! If you are being oppressed, all one has to do is claim victory of the Lord Jesus Christ and claim His victory He provided through His blood sacrifice in the redemption of your soul. Confess any revealed sin or rebellion shown you by the Holy Spirit and if you’re keeping company with the channels of Satan escape the hold by following the same victory which comes by the Lord Jesus Christ and get away from the evil.

Prayer of faith and hearing to repent

If the oppression which is probably manifested by depression, see a doctor tell him of the depression it may be a medical problem, a low thyroid or some other medical ailment of the body.

Do not put off seeking professional help by a Godly ‘born again’ Pastor or secular medical doctor. A redeemed Pastor can help you for depression and direct you to appropriate help.

If you have been taking medication for a medical problem and you have stopped, resume taking it again - it is not sin for believers to take medical. Everyone's body wear out and medication is not sin but sin can result because you are not taking medication you need.

The power of God given to believers - 1 John 5:18, 1 John 4:4, 1 John 5:9, 1 John 3:20, Hebrews 9:11, John 10:29, James 1:13, 2 Thessalonians 3:3, Matthew 6:13,

True Demon possession

Those who have not received the Lord Jesus Christ as their savior brought on by the Holy Spirit and personal conviction and have not invitation or asked Him to posses their being are open for demon possession.

To get deliverance you need to receive Him and confess Him by faith - believing in the truths of God. John 1:12, Romans 10:9-13, 1 John 5:9-14. When God posses your being, Satan and his demons cannot! We are born condemned, born into sin and the only deliverance one can have is in what God has provided!

God requires payment for sin which only Christ Jesus could provide for individuals when He came into the world. John 3:16-22. Jesus Christ – God in the flesh provided the just requirement for mankind when He shed the human blood that He provided in His flesh that He took on for you, Ephesians 1:7 and He defeated Satin and will give you deliverance and set you free from demon possession.

Right now as God the Holy Spirit convicts you of your heart's need repent of your way and surrender to Him and you will be forgiven, given safety and given security for all eternity and nothing will take you from Him and you will be made clean! Isaiah 1:18, 2 Corinthians 7:10, Psalm 25:5, John 17, Psalms103, John10:14-18, 25-30.

The following prayers are sample prayers, but you Need to want it from the Heart (Your Spirit) not just say the words for they are empty or fruitless without true desire from the soul and heart.

Prayer of faith and hearing
Prayer of faith and hearing to repent
Prayer of faith for salvation

You are Demon Possessed and you have found this article

Your deliverance is near but not without a fight - right now claim deliverance from the possession asking God for help - claim your deliverance by claiming Jesus Christ as savior and deliverer from Satan hold by the blood sacrifice Jesus made for you as you verbally cry out to God. Do not let Satan convince you that God through Jesus Christ will not deliver you - cry out to God by faith and believe what He alone can do for you! Admit to your weakness and dependence on the truth of God found in the blood the Lord Jesus shed for you to give you forgiveness of sin and rebellion. Claim the victory which the verses in the above article gives - click on them and surrender to the truth which you find in each one and it will set you free.

My Prayer for you:

Farther you know the heart and need of us and that we are but dust - deliver the ones who reads this article - set them free - open their eyes to you and your love alone - give them the faith to believe - show them the truth which you want for their lives today, open their hearing and show them of their eternal security. Put a hedge around them and protect them from the evil one as you promised as they seek to know you and give them the power of your resurrection. Thank you Lord for creating us and making us redeemed children of yours - Thank you for eternal life and forgiveness you have provided by your blood sacrifice - Thank you for coming in the flesh to give us this deliverance. Thank you for providing for what we could not provide for ourselves. I love you Farther, I love you Jesus, I love you Holy Spirit - I pray this in Jesus Name Amen!

Psalm 103:14, John 17, Psalms103, John10:14-18, 25-30

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