Emptiness in our Society today by Karina Nyhuis

In society today people try to fill the emptiness of life with many different things. As we have studied this semester, society is not equally endowed with opportunities and rewards. There is a limited amount of power and resources. People in society strive to gain this power, but it is not attainable to all because some do not have the resources available to achieve such a level. And then there are those that have attained great amounts of power and resources but they are still not satisfied with their position in society. My proposal is this: It is true that people have different opportunities and rewards, but it may be also true that people are just not satisfied in life as it is. What I mean by this is this. I believe there is a realm outside of the material things longing for fulfillment. . I see people trying to satisfy themselves and trying to find happiness in life. These people are not only those that have no money, but it is those with multi-millions as well. I am going to show society from the way that I see it

Some people try to fill their inner desires with popularity, such as having the clothes, having the right friends, and associating in the right circles. They may even hide their true identity by becoming something, which is outside of their character. Recently at a grouping convention of Star Wars celebrities in Indianapolis you could find the stars all gathered at the bar nearly all-night long. While they have all of the popularity in the world and can easily command $30 a signature for their autograph many would no doubt freely admit that popularity was not the solution for the emptiness inside. Having name recognition all around the world, thousands of people coming to hear you speak simply isn’t enough to fill the longing inside the human psyche. And often is it on Entertainment Tonight that you hear about the latest star who has entered rehab for their drug addiction or have gone into the Betty Ford clinic for treatment? Clearly, fame is not the answer to emptiness.

When fame isn’t enough, many people turn to their passion for money. They think that if they just had more money the answers to life would be given. Often they reason that life would be easier if they did not have to worry about the stresses of bills, family support, and necessities. And then there are those who are so rich that no one sees them as a person, but rather as a walking money symbol. Both are equally unsatisfied and they are always wanting more. Even though money does relieve the pressures of bills it will never satisfy the longing and desires in within ones heart. There is a an old saying that has a lot of truth to it, “Money cannot buy happiness”.

If money isn’t readily available, some inundate their minds with sexuality. They seem to think that sex would be the logical fulfillment to their desires in their heart. But a life of promiscuity will only give temporary fulfillment, the joy passion for the moment erodes the family values and spreads dastardly illnesses and diseases. It may last for the moment, but when the rush is over the soul again is longing to be filled. Often sexual partners look to each other for life’s fulfillment, but because of our imperfect world no one can give that fulfillment that man really needs. Humans also have limitations and can only do so much to fulfill the needs of another. If you watch television these days, you will find that sex sells just about everything. But if you look at our society you will see that sex does not ultimately make people happy and often they turn to other avenues to try to fulfill their longings and desires.

Many will turn to prescription and illegal drugs, to escape the pains of their society. The pressure of life, love and the pursuit of happiness has left them without a desire to live, no passion and a hollowness emotional state. Power has not fulfilled, money has not fulfilled, and sex has not fulfilled their longing for fulfillment. So instead of facing reality they escape it through the means of drugs. They try to escape into a feeling less world. Drugs may dull the pain of reality while a person is under the influence, but it will never fulfill. One day they will face reality if the drug have not destroyed them by that time.

A second member in the quest for fulfillment in life is the search for enlightenment in the search for knowledge of the unknown, the unusual bind of spirituality and religion.

There are those who try to fulfill their lives with knowledge and understanding. These are those who feel that if only they were smart enough they could solve the world’s problems and overcome life’s difficulties. In life they reason through reality and try to fulfill their inner desires with knowledge. Even though having knowledge is not a bad thing, it cannot satisfy the longing within one’s self. Even if we had all the answers to life’s problems, we would have no power within ourselves to change them. Everyman has a desire to fulfill their own needs and it is a part of a man’s sin nature not to get along with each other, so even if everyone in this world were knowledgeable, the methods of changing the world would all differ and thus create chaos. 

Others try to fulfill their inner longing with religion. They think that if they were just good enough they would be fulfilled. Often they appease their desires by attending a Sunday Morning service, doing a good deed, or rehearsing their prayers. They live life through a religious setting, but never really have a reason for doing so other than rituality. This may appease their conscience for a time, but without a reason for doing what they do they will eventually look elsewhere to fulfill their desires. 

I believe that there is only one answer to the problems of life and that is through the person of Jesus Christ. I believe that He is the only one who can fulfill a longing heart. He has the ability of doing so for several reasons. The first is because He created us. I believe He formed man in the likeness of His image, and he designed us with a longing for fulfillment, which can only be filled by Him. God created Man to have fellowship with Him, but Sin has destroyed that relationship. God is Holy, and because He is holy, he cannot fellowship with man in His fallen, sinful state. But God loves man so much and He desires to have a relationship with man. So God made a way for this to be possible. He sent his only son Jesus Christ into the world to live a sinless life, die as a sacrifice for the sins of man, and be raised from the dead. He is now in Heaven and wants to this personal relationship with man. He wants to fulfill man’s emptiness. But he can only do this if man is willing to admit that he is a sinner, accept Jesus death and resurrection, and receive Him as Lord and Savior of his life. God does not force man to make this decision, rather He allows man to choose whether or not to accept Him. He allows man to make his own choice of fulfillment. God allows for perfect fulfillment, but as you can see in society, some choose rather to seek out power, money, sex, drugs, or unmeaning religion. I believe it is only through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ that a man will ever be fulfilled. I am going to close this paper with my personal testimony and how I have found true fulfillment through every area of life.

I have been brought up in a Christian family. I have two older sisters and one younger brother. My parents are happily married, and my dad is a Pastor. I have learned about God ever since I was born. But it wasn’t until I was five that I had a concern about salvation. 

My family and I were on our way out to Washington, when I overheard my mom and dad talking about the Bible in the front seat. I peeked my head up from the back seat and asked my dad how I could be sure I was going to heaven. He told me that Jesus had come to be born, and He lived a sinless life. He told me that Jesus died so I could have a chance to go to heaven when I died. I then asked my dad what I had to do. He told me that I had to admit that I was a sinner and that I was sorry for my sin. Then I had to ask Jesus to save me. He told me Jesus had paid the penalty of death for me and I had to ask Him to be the Savior of my life. We stopped the car and I bowed my head and asked Jesus into my heart.

About two years later, I was down in my room crying. My mom came in and asked me what was wrong. I told her that I wasn’t sure if I was saved or not. She told me the same story that my dad did of how Jesus came and died. She told me that I had to accept Him as my Savior. But, I told her it all sounded too simple and I told her that there had to be more to it. She then told me to think of Jesus’ death for me as a gift. She asked me if I were to give someone a gift if I would expect them to work for it? I said no of course not. Then she asked me if I would take a gift away from someone after I already gave it to them. And I answered no. She then went on to tell me that Jesus gave me a gift by dying on the cross for me and all I had to do was accept it. She told me that once I took that gift Jesus was never going to take it away from me. If He did, He would be an Indian giver and God wasn’t that. I then bowed my head and got assurance of my salvation. A few years later I got baptized. I was showing my church through my testimony of baptism that I was saved. I knew then as I do now that I was saved and on my way to heaven. Jesus became the most important person in my life and He always will be. 

By Karina Nyhuis

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