The following thoughts came from a message given by Pastor Charles Gaston 2-6-2005

Prayer to forgive Pride and be Released form Stronghold

"Pride Can Hide!"

There are several ways pride hides, but we will only review the most
common ways.


 1. Anger and intimidation: protecting oneself or that which gives oneself significance by unpredictably explosive behavior.
2. Apathy: emotionally disengaging or putting no emotional energy into a situation so as to avoid pain and reduce the possibility of disappointment.
3. Argumentation: debating every point of conversation to show oneself intellectually superior and 'right'.
4. Avoidance: staying away from painful situations.
5. Business: staying so active as to avoid thinking of a painful circumstance.
6. Bitterness: reminding oneself of other's failures so as to avoid being hurt by them in the future. Emotionally holding on to the hurt.

7. Blaming: finding others at fault to avoid the painful consequences of failure.
8. Controlling others: avoiding pain by trying to control the thoughts and actions of others.
9. Cynicism: expecting the worst in every situation so as not to be disappointed when things turn out poorly.
10. Deceit: hiding failures so as not to disappoint others or to avoid painful consequences. Covering true motives so as to get a favorable response from others.
11. Defiling: trying to relieve the pain and guilt of failure by causing others to fail in similar ways.
12. Defrauding: controlling how others respond by sensual dress or sensual actions: diverting other's attention from an area of weakness or failure.
13. Distrust:$t: an. underlying resistance to a potentially threatening per:son or situation.
14. Exaggeration: sensationalizing reality to gain favor of others.
15. Excessive humor: hiding personal pain and feelings of inadequacy by making others laugh.
16. Gossip and slander: gaining protections by exposing personal failure or attacking the reputation of a threatening person or an adversary.
17. Hypocrisy: pretending to be all things to all people to please others or to avoid painful rejection.
18. Judgmentalism: pointing out the failures of others to divert one's attention from his own inadequacies: ascribing to others weaknesses in oneself.
19. Justification: making excuses for one's failures or the failures of others.
20. Knowledge: thinking that knowledge alone can resolve conflicts.
21. Negativism: finding fault with individuals and . circumstances in an attempt to keep the focus off of one's self and to lower the expectations that a person may feel he has to meet.

22. Over-achievement/perfectionism: out-performing others to call attention to one's accomplishments and abilities and to diver attention from one's insecurities, weaknesses or failures.
23. Over-protection: hyper-vigilance to one's environment so as to avoid personal injury or injury to others under one's care.
24. Passivity: choosing to be taken advantage of or submitting to the demands of an offender to avoid conflict and greater hurts.
25. Polite avoidance: smiling and keeping one's mouth shut in order to hide pain: nodding in compliance to avoid disagreements.
26. Political advancement: trying to control others and avoid conflicts by obtaining positions of influence.
27. Professionalism: 'never let them see you sweat'.
28. Pseudo-piety: using religious fronts to gain favor with others.
29. Religioussity: compensating for inadequacies by doing 'churchy' types of activities one thinks others will value and affirm.
30. Seditions: trying to protect oneself by dividing and pitting people against each other.
31. Self-condemnation: putting self down for failures so others' comments or rejection will not be as painful.
32. Self-pity: feeling sorry for oneself to excuse failure and to lower expectations.
33. Self-rejections: rejections one's own limitations to avoid the painful rejection from others.
34. Taking up offenses: finding solace by 'comforting' and 'protection' others who are hurt by the same individuals or in similar circumstances.
 35. Vengefulness: attempting to hurt others for the pain they have caused."


Victory over pride can and will come only by the intervention of Jesus Christ in our lives as the Holy Spirit works and gives us victory.

The first thing we need to do is Repent of the pride which overtake us. By acknowledging it and turning from the manifestation which appear, will give God the opportunity to deliver.

Prayer to forgive Pride and be Released form Stronghold

Second an attitude of ones inability to change will give God the opportunity to deliver us from the evil. Anything short of letting God deliver us is making ourselves God, and the rejecting of His authority and love. He want to show us. God wants our deliverance more than we will ever and this is why He died on the cross to give deliverance form sin. Pride was what brought Satan into rebellion and Adam and Eve to sin causing the human race to be defiled and corrupted. Remember it is not a question of whether we are proud but what we do with it. Are we going to be delivered from it or are we going to live as the non believer in pride and rejection of God's deliverance. 

The third, which maybe one hard step for victory is the confession of pride one to another. Being accountable to other will give help from them and helps us in humbling ourselves. However trust sometime is a real problem which was cause by other who used our weakness to gossip and cause us harm. We have all experienced this type of abuse of the truths of God but the truth of it does not diminish the truth. This is where faith in God really show, are we going to trust now in His Love or let the gossip destroy the working of God in our lives. A few thing to keep in mind is that we do not have to tell others the specifics or manifestation of the pride, just that pride is an area we are struggling from. The Word of God does not tell us to tell everyone either. Also, you need only to tell those who are able to help and are spiritual. Many times it will be to those you have exercised pride against or have effected calling for you to ask forgiveness for sinning against them or showing the wrong example of a believer.

I am sure much more can be said but I hope this is helpful as it has in my life.

Ephesians 4:17-32

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