Depression is a problem that is rapid today.   What can a person do?

First one needs to realize that they can find victory over depression and that God wants to set them free from self destructive behavior!

The other day my daughter told me about a lady who was raped on a continuous bases by her father, uncle and others as a teen. And the psychologist she was seeing only talked about her feelings, "how do you feel".  My daughter told her that feeling will not cure the problem alone but a new way of thinking for her life would.

This new way of thinking is not new as far as our existence but many do not know the truth which can set them free.  The thinking has been clouded by modern teaching which does not cure, only covers up ones problem. The old and proven way of freedom and changing feeling come by the application of God word to our minds. The Word of God says, "so a man thinks so is he."  One has to change ones thinking which gives freedom and peace.

Also, when one accepts the truth of personal salvation first, they have the supernatural power of God working in their behalf. Beginning,  

When you examine the truth of God, meditate on each and every passage and ask how it applies thinking of the love and freedom the Lord wants to give. Repeat the thoughts of God's Word over and over in your thoughts, in doing so you will see it becoming part of your thinking. God will take the truth and start setting you free supernaturally by the Holy Spirit. The more you meditate and practice this discipline the more you will find the depression lifting and in return you will see God at work changing your life.

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