1. The name given to the woman after the fall was . Gen. 2:20 "Adam named her ," "the mother of all who have life." Her life is in the whole human race.

2. Eve shall be called "Isha" because she was taken out of "Ish." (woman taken out of man). Both Eve and her husband are called ( Gen. 1:27 and 5:2: "He called their names "

3. Who gave the woman to Adam to be his wife? Gen. 2:22,24. The first marriage was performed by God.

4. In the marriage, Adam recognized his wife as being bone of his and flesh of his . Adam gave her the name woman. Gen. 3:23 and 2:24

5. The woman was taken out of the of man. The word rib would be better translated side, all other places in God's word it says "side."

6. Adam accepts from the hand of a woman which he would now become committed to the rest of his .

7. In Adam's commitment to Eve he would be responsible to communicate. Adam was responsible to communicate command and not to eat of the tree of knowledge of good and evil.

(Note Gen. 2:16,17 The woman was not created yet when the command was given if this portion of scripture is in chronological order. Also, in Gen. 3:3 when woman was questioned by Satan she added to what God had said to Adam when she said "neither shall ye touch it," this may indicate Adam said more than God said or she added to the command.)

8. Eve was not created above Adam, not below Adam but along the of Adam. God calls her a to Adam. Gen. 2:18 God created them both male and female from one flesh to be joined together as one and recognized as equals before Him, Gal 3:21

9. The word "brought" could be translated granted "her unto Adam" This verb means 'to give as a favor'; To accord a favor prerogative or privilege. This is why God tells a man to his wife just as he and his own body. Eph 5:28.29

10. Therefore the union in marriage between a and a is for love (Col. 3:19; Titus 2:4), protection (Prov. 18:10; 29:25; Eph 5:23), companionship (Gen. 2:18; Malachi 2:14), enjoyment, (Prov 5:18,19) and procreation (Gen. 1:22).

11. Marriage is not only a civil contract but a divine institution. "Marriage is in all, and the bed undefiled: but whoremongers and adulterers God will judge." Heb 13:4

12. Was Eve created without sin? . Eve was pure and holy when God created her, however she became the sinner because she was deceived by 1 Ti. 2:14. Adam was there also and followed his wife with his eyes open, the Bible seems to indicate that man was not deceived but made the choice to follow his wife’s bidding. Gen. 3:6

13. Satan’s work:
        Questioning God’s commands Gen. 3:1,
        He cast doubt or trust in God - Gen. 3:1,2,
        He was a Liar Gen. 3:3,4,
        He appeals to the pride of man Gen. 5:5.

14. Satan tempted or appealed to Eve: Gen. 3:4
        Lust of the flesh - "food"
        Lust of the - "pleasant to the eyes"
        Pride of life - "make one " "will be as "

15.  John 2:16 "For all that is in the world, the lust of the , and the lust of the and the pride of , is not of the Father, but is of the world."

16. Man started the blaming game here in the garden. The man blamed and the Gen. 3:11,12,13. The woman blamed  

17.Eve was the first:

To have 1 Ti 2:14, Ps 51:5
She was a Gen. 3:7
She received the first about the coming savior. Gen. 3:15
She was the of mankind. Gen. 4:1
She was the first mother who a son in death.
She was the first mother to have a son as a ,
She was the first mother to have appearance abandonment of a Gen. 4:1-15
She was to be the first to suffer in childbirth. Gen. 3:17,18 cf. 4:1

18.This is the beginning of the Dispensation of conscience; because they recognized they were both and went and  from God. Gen. 3:7,8 This is why the second dispensation of God is call the Dispensation of Conscience. What is the first
dispensation of God called? The Dispensation of .

Notice in the dispensation of conscience a murderer was not given capital punishment for his crime. The death penalty was not instituted for over 1500 years after the flood of Noah’s days, Gen. 7:4-7. Capital punishment was one of the rules of the dispensation of human government. Under the dispensational rule which regulated the Dispensation of conscience God put a , on the guilty one. Gen. 4:15

The Endemic Covenant is the first covenant and the second is The Adamic Covenant.

Adam and Eve lived through the Dispensation of Innocence. How many dispensations are there .

Lets jump now to the time of our Lord Jesus Christ. What does He say four thousand years later:
Math 19:4-5 - God created  
He instituted the institution of ,
Man and woman would become one in marriage.
Paul also validates the teaching of , Eph. 5:25. He uses an illustration of marriage and the church, The of Christ.

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