Victory in the Christian's life

I have heard much talk about victory in the Christian's life and I am led to comment on one of the most important truths of oneís victory - the desire and need for fellowship with the person of God, the Father, Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit or the Godhead which is a must. Believers have enemies which want to destroy us and the working of God in our lives. 

Yes, there are three enemies which war against those who know the Lord Jesus Christ as their personal savior. The world, the devil and the flesh these three are the enemies which try to defeat Godís working in the world and the believerís personal life.

The world and the Devil is attacking the believers at all times through the non-believers and spiritual forces we can not see. The one which I would like to speak about is the 'enemy of the believerís', his personal flesh which is also referred to as the old man which lives in every believer until death or until the resurrection at the Rapture for the believers today.

All believers have the struggle to do right. However, we all know there are the times we yield to are old natures making excuses as to why we practiced the wrong. This is a struggle which the other two enemies, the world and the Devil take advantage of in defeating our victory in living for God and from experiencing the fullness of service in our lives.

The two coupled with our personal participation of our flesh or our old natures produces defeat in our experiences. So make no mistake, our personal old nature is involved and enough to cause us to sin by itself and live in sin because of the choseís we made to feed the enemy of our souls! Yes, our fleshly desires come from, pride, a choice of sinful pleasure, and weariness which makes us acceptable for defeat.

The only way to defeat our enemy of the soul is God, our Lord Jesus Christ and the only way we can understand how this is accomplished is through His revealed Word the Bible. There are different ways Godís stewardship of speaking His Word to us exist, one is through the local church which teach the Bible, another is through some instrument such as an individual who expresses to us Godís Word. The most powerful way to defeat the enemy of the soul is our study of Godís Word the Bible on a daily bases with the desire to have fellowship with God.

However, knowledge alone wherever is comes from is not enough Ė you can know something but it still does not mean you will have power to live different and keep from sin. Knowledge is the start of the exercise but for completion is a want and a desire for a relationship with the eternal God!

The misconception that knowledge in itself is enough for victory is not the complete answer. Also, prayer is not a magical activating force without the desire of a intimate personal talking with God. True prayer is an intimate fellowship with the God of the universe! Mankind lost fellowship with God in the Dispensation of Innocence, in the Garden of Eden, however God made it possible to have fellowship with a man after the fall through the Redemptive Covenant. Godís mercy and grace is extended to the human race through His love and He shows His desires to have fellowship again with man. It is not God's need but it is His knowing the need for all mankind individually. The believerís need is to grasp a hold of the intimacy and victory one can have in moment by moment fellowship with the Lord Jesus Christ in their Christian life When believers do they will experience victory over the old nature whether all three enemies are attacking or one.

It is not wrong to have personnel desires in the Christian life but they need to be in line with God's universal principles found in His word which is according to His will and the dispensation one lives in at the time. The universal principles must be activated by the same desire to please God and have the fellowship of oneness with Him!

The answer of victory in the believes walk and life will always be in step with the knowledge of Godís word activated by personal study, the desire to know God better, the desire to stop or keep from sin, and most of all a desire to have intimate fellowship with Him in your life, Psalms 1, 2 Timothy 2:15, 1 Corinthians 1:9, 2 Corinthians 6:14-18, Philippians 3:10, 1 John 1:3, John 17.

Seeking to have fellowship with our Lord will be a comforting experiential reality in finding victory. To overcome loneliness, failure, fatigue or whatever your needs may be, realizing a relationship and intimacies in fellowship with our God is needed.

If you do not desire a relationship with God - tell Him your attitude and why you feel this way. In doing this you will see a relationship has started and fellowship has been initiated. Maybe you need to go through the following to be sure you are His. Remember intimate relationships take work and fellowship and without an effort in going to God and the communicating the positive and negative we will never know or experience the climax of the relationship. Since God is the 'ALL' or person He is - we need personal time of intimacy with Him.

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