Full Name:                   Theodore D Pestor                                    

Birthdates:                    January 13, 1946                                     

Marital Status:            Married June 5, 1981

Wife’s Full Name:      Mary Ann Pestor

Birthdates:                    September 1, 1950

Address:                     540 Seminole Way

City:                             De forest

State:                           WI

Zip:                               53532

Phone:                         608-846-3029


Ted's Education

(School/Degree/Year Graduated)

High School:               Degree Evansville High, Evansville, Wisconsin    1965

College:                       Grace University, Grace Bible College Wyoming, Michigan              1977

Seminary:                    5 year degree Bachelor in Theology 8 year equivalent 1977


 (School/Degree/Year Completed)

High School:               Degree Middleton, Wisconsin                      1967

College:                       Grace Bible College                                      1975

Other:                           Cosmetology                                                  1968

                                      Nanny                                                               1998 - 2020


#1:       Angela Griffin,            Home maker has General Bachelors degree and a Bachelor in nursing, four children. husband
Joshua Pastor

#2:       Jessica Coates         Home maker, Cosmetologist, two children. Husband Mark is owns his own business in construction.

#3:       Karina Nyhuis               Home Maker,  Business Degree, five children. Husband Pastor Zack in Gowen Bible Church and missions.

#4:       Jeremy Pestor           Student Liberty University – coaching degree, Youth Bible Study and mentor and hospice representative


I was saved at age eleven, at Camp, by receiving the Lord Jesus Christ as my personal Savior.


#1: Grace Bible Church         (360) 876-3200
7070 Bethel Burley Road Southeast

Port Orchard, WA 98367
Position: Associate Pastor/ Evangelist

Reason for leaving was the finances of the church could not afforded two men on staff
Employed 1977-1978

#2: Community Bible Church               (715) 253-6281
501 East Vine Street
                        Wittenberg, WI 54499

Position: Pastor Temporary for a convalescing Senior Pastor
Employed 1978-1979 

#3: Memorial Baptist Church
(608) 845-7125
Po Box 930400

201 Main St
Verona, WI  53593

Ordained 1986
Christian School Administrator/Teacher

Reason for leaving was change of Senior Pastor and courtesy to new pastors call
Employed 1982-1987

#4: Emmanuel Baptist Church
(262) 534-6155

PO Box 539/45 Teut Rd

Burlington, WI 53105

Position: Pastor

Reason for leaving was because our Lord closing the door for the sell of our home, 83 miles away (one way), and the travel time it took to travel, the need for the church to have a pastor living in the area, which now they could now afford a paid pastor and my wife’s ministry as a nanny.
Employed: 10/1997 – 09/28/2003.  The church grew from 10 to 42 average attendance and today’s last report it has continued to grow and last Sunday had 65 attendance.

Mission/Evangelist preach (Pakistan 2012 July-Aug)
Pestor's world Wide Outreach Ministry Inc  2010 - present
540 Seminole Way
Deforest WI  53532

Donated Time Retires


 1) My call to the ministry. I dedicated my life for use to the Lord’s work at age 16.

2) Ordained, and by what church? 1986 (Memorial Baptist Church)

3) No musical or other special abilities.

4) Neither my wife or I have ever been divorced.


Bob Blaser (608)837-8891) friend for 21 years
7039 Briar Lane ,   
Sun Prairie, WI 53532


1) Currently  I am fill pulpit supplies as needed and working on a book.

2) Primary goal as a pastor. Is to fulfill God’s direction of writing and teaching His Word.

3) The relationship of authority there should be between the pastor, the deacons, and the church as a whole is working together, carrying out the mandate describer in scripture as responsibilities for deacon and Elder, 1 Timothy 1:3-13, Acts 20: 29-31, 2 Timothy 4:2

4) My daily devotional time of study and prayer. Morning – selection of scripture, memorization Scripture, Prayer for needs of day, requests and Nation.

5) Biblical counselor,  the authority of God Word  to meet the need of the others.

6) Describe your attitude toward evangelism – Responsibility of all 1 Corinthians 5:18-21, Ephesians 4:1-16

7) State your position on the different versions of the Bible: Refuse to get caught up in the controversy – believe the King James is a good translation but if individuals want to use other translation for clarity that’s fine

The Versions  used for preaching?  King James

The versions do you use for studying? King James

However, I am not ' King James only', I do use other and encourage others to use other translation.

8) Philosophy on music styles in the church. Against Contemporary Christian Music – Stay to the older hymns.


 1) As a Pastor with regard to worldliness and personal separation? I am called to be true to God and His word and do not compromise with man’s organizations, worldliness and sin. One can not be a leader of God’s people and live as the world, the word in Timothy makes that clear for a pastor and personally you can not be as pastor if you not separated from sin and the world. 1 Corinthians 6:9-20 and 2 Corinthians 6:14-18.

2) Convictions concerning Christian elementary and secondary schools? Needed.

3 The Charismatic, covenant theology, Calvinism, Armenian, post tribulation and millennial positions, ecumenical movement, Act 2 dispensational position or movement are in error because of their dispensational understanding.

6) Divorce and remarriage,  Mal 3 - God hates divorce. Those who have been divorced have limitations imposed on leadership in the local church. There are Biblical permission for re-marriage under certain conditions.

7) For more detail of convictions check out my web site


The Bible is the inerrant Word of God, (completely true, exempt from error), (Ps. 119:89; 2 Tim. 3:16, 2 Pet. 1:20,21: Matt. 5:17,18). The Bible is not liable to deceive; it is infallible because of its Author, who is God. The Bible contains. (Canonicity) 39 books of the Old Testament and 27 of the New Testament. The Bible is God-breathed (inspired) in its totality (Plenary), 2 Tim. 3:16. The original manuscripts were divinely inspired and without error and God have preserved the truths for us today.

Men wrote the Bible as the Holy Spirit led them (2 Pet.1:20,21). The writers were allowed, by God, to express these truths in their individuality and yet express them in the very words God wanted (verbal), (Isa. 55:11). The Bible is God's supreme rule of faith and practice for man today and it has stood the test of time. It is the beginning and final authority as to man's life for salvation and sanctification and on the basis of its' claims are all other arguments settled.

Revelation is God's communication to man what is unknown or unknowable to him. The Bible is God's primary communication with which all other revelation has to agree.  In nature, God reveals Himself (Rom. 1:19,20; Ps. 19:1) but full knowledge only comes with the understanding of the Bible. God revealed Himself in Christ Jesus (II Tim. 3:16; John 1:1, 14) but the understanding of Jesus Christ is found only in the Bible (Jn. 20:31; Rom. 10:17).  Also God guides the walk one is to take through life in His Word (Ps. 119:1-16, 105). The Word of God is a closed book; there is not new truths or revelation being added (Rev. 22:18,19). Illumination is the work of the Holy Spirit enabling one to understand God's Word (I Cor. 2:11-16; John 16:8-16).

Interpretation is of no private, mystical interpretation, or is it given to anyone for bolstering one's own hobbyhorse doctrine but is to be interpreted literally unless other Scripture or context dictates differently. The dispensational understanding is needed to understand God's total work of creation and His historical working with men. The interpretation is man's attempt to determine the intended meaning of Scripture (Luke 24:27; 2 Pet. 1:20; II Ti.2:15). Therefore, we should keep in mind the Bible as a whole, the purpose of the Book in which the text is found, the context of the passage, the words that are used, the historical setting in which the passage was written and to whom the Book was written.

There is only one God, Who exists in three Persons.

Jesus Christ is God, identical in Deity or co-equal with God the Father and God the Holy Spirit.  He is eternal from eternity past to eternity future and is distinct in personality. He became man willingly but remained God.  Jesus Christ was completely man and completely God in His incarnation. He did not possess a sin nature, therefore, He was not able to sin.  Jesus Christ willingly died on the cross shedding His blood for the sins of the worldHe was the perfect sacrifice, (once and for all),  to justify those who come to Him by faith.  He was buried and rose the third day in bodily form,  giving eternal victory over the power of darkness and death.    He ascended to heaven to be man's Mediator after giving proof of His resurrection to many living at that time.   He is seated at the right hand of the Father as our Great High Priest and will someday come again to receive the believers into eternal Glory through the Rapture and with His second coming He will judge the world for its sins.  He will reward the believer for the quality of life he lived and condemn the unbeliever to the lake of fire.

The Holy Spirit is the third Person of the Godhead.  

 Man was created by God Neither Adam nor Eve come into existence through any evolutionary process (Gen. 1:26, 27). God created man out of the dust of the ground (Gen. 2:7) Then God breathed into man the breath of life (Gen. 2:7). We were created in the image or likeness of God having a personality with intellect, emotion, will and conscience (Gen. 1:27).    Both Adam and Eve were created with the immaterial and material substance which God created. They were created to reproduce after their own kind which begins at conception. They both were created perfect and righteous which had not been tested.   They had a free will to choose between obedience or disobedience. When tried by Satan, they disobeyed God and sin passed upon all mankind  (Rom. 5:12-14). Because of the act of sin the consequence of death resulted: spiritual death (Eph.2:1), physical death (Heb. 9:27) and eternal death (Rev. 20:14 cf. v10; Jude 7).

Sin originated with Lucifer when he acted with pride in rebellion against God in heaven (Isa. 14:12-17, Ezek. 28:11-19).  Sin entered earth when Adam willfully disobeyed God by eating of the Tree of Knowledge of good and evil, (Gen. 3:6; I Tim. 2:14).  Since all men were in Adam, all became guilty (Gen. 4:6-26; Rom. 5:12).  Sin corrupted man so that he is totally depraved that nothing of himself or in himself can commend him to God (Rom. 3:23).  Death is the result of sin and I believe that all are born sinners, dead in transgression and sin (Eph. 2:1).  Because of sin, Satan was cursed and man separated from God and from the benefits which God desired for man.

Angels are spirit beings created by Christ. They were created holy and with the ability to choose to remain in that state or to follow Satan in his fall.   Demons came from among the group of angels that fell with Satan and they are actively at work in the world today working against God and Christians.   The angels who remained faithful to God are confirmed in their holiness and they act as God's messengers being involved with believers.  The angels learn from believers and have a ministry with those who shall be heirs of salvation. Someday believers will take part in judging the angels (I Cor. 6:3).

Salvation is the exclusive work of God on behalf of man (Jn. 6:44). Jesus Christ provided what was necessary for salvation by His sacrificial and substitutionary death. The work of Christ is sufficient to save any and all men but efficient for only those that believe. Salvation is realized in all those whom God has chosen in Christ and called to be the recipients. Those chosen (Act 17:24-28) to be saved were elected before the foundation of the earth was laid (Eph. 1:4). Election was not based on any merit that we might have but totally on God's finished work in Christ Jesus. As a result, the believer is forgiven of his sins and is adopted into the family of God through Christ's shed blood. We stand sanctified in our positional stand  before God and are responsible to live sanctified lives experientially. The believer will ultimately be glorified and freed from the very presence of sin for eternity.

The Church is made up of all who believe in Jesus Christ as Savior and they are members of the Kingdom of God , but the Body of Christ refers to the local church which is the program in which God is calling men to salvation today. The New Covenant became operable historically at Act 2 with the offer to the world through the Nation of Israel. Today's dispensation began Act 7 and will be completed at the Rapture. (Acts 7:38; 19:32, 39; 20:17). The present dispensation began with Israel's failure to accept the New covenant as a nation. beginning  at the mid acts historical account of Acts 7-13. Baptism and communion is to be practiced by the local church today. The church today is called The Body of Christ.

The Lord Jesus is coming in the clouds to gather up all His saints since the world began. This event is imminent and is known as the Rapture of the Church, it includes all saints in ages past and the believers in the Church today who are "in Christ". Immediately following the rapture of the Church, the world will enter a seven year period known as The Tribulation. This period, also known as "Daniel's 70th. Week", will be divided into two three and one half year periods. The second three and one half year period will be characterized by pain and tumult on the earth such as has never been seen. The total tribulation is known as the period in which God's wrath is poured out on the earth (Dan. 8:19; Thess. 1:10).

During the period of time of tribulation, the raptured saints will stand before the judgment seat of Christ (Bema Seat) and receive rewards for the quality of their works performed. They will be with Christ during the Tribulation and come back with Him at His Second Coming to reign. At the end of the Tribulation the Lord comes with His saints to judge the nations, the Battle of Armageddon occurs and He sets up His kingdom for a 1,000 year or millennium reign. Those believers who live through the tribulation will have physical bodies and reproduce children and long life will again be present.

The saints from all dispensations will be with Christ for these 1,000 years. The Body of Christ and those saints which came out of the Tribulation by death and did not worship the Beast or receive his mark will reign with Him. They will be in glorified bodies whereas those still on earth that go into the 1000 years will still have natural bodies and reproduce.

Satan will be bound during the Millennium. Satan is loosened at the end of the millennium to gather an army against Christ Jesus our God and savior. Jesus Christ will destroy this army  with the Word of His mouth. Satan will be thrown into the Lake of Fire forever.

After Satan's destruction, there is the Great White Throne Judgment. All those who lived before will be judged by their works and whoever was not in the Book of Life are thrown into the Lake of Fire which is the second death. Satan and all those at the Great White Throne will suffer eternal torment.

At the end of the millennial reign, God will make a new heaven and earth which will last forever where there will be no sin, enjoyment and everlasting life as God originally wanted men to experience.

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